The wellbeing of the John Burns Construction Company’s Team and the public is an essential core value, similar to quality project performance and client service.

“Excellence is never an accident in safety” is a principle that embodies John Burns Construction Company’s firm belief that all incidents are preventable and that any injury is unacceptable. Our safety principles and philosophies challenge the entire John Burns team, as well as our subcontractors, to actively participate and take ownership of the safety process. John Burns Construction Company is constantly striving to develop innovative proactive approaches to overcome the obstacles to achieve and maintain a safe workplace.

John Burns Construction Company is committed to:

•  Providing the resources necessary to support a safe and healthy workplace.
•  Leading the industry in advancing workplace safety.
•  Never compromising the wellbeing of our team and the public.

Our EMR ratings

2023 – .71

2022 – .71

2021 – .71

2020 – .71