Project Description

Client: Metra
Location: Chicago, IL
Year Completed: 2006
Contracted Value: $25,700,000

The Challenges

  • Complete renovation of Metra’s Randolph Street Station, renamed Millennium Station, consisting of approximately 35,000 S.F. of existing facilities and construction of approximately 15,000 S.F. of additional new facilities.
  • Construction was performed in phases and portions were completed at night and on weekends during off-peak hours in order to allow station operations to continue in normal fashion. This station accommodates approximately 25,000 Metra and NICTD (South Shore) commuters daily passing through the station both in the mornings and afternoons.
  • Project included the fabrication and installation of approximately 40,000 S.F. of stainless-steel drip pans mounted above ceiling levels under the Randolph Street roadway to collect and divert water leakage coming from the roadway above. Approximately 40,000 S.F. of 6” thick insulation was installed under the drip pans to comply with Governmental energy efficiency requirements.
  • A new mechanical room and electrical room were constructed along with the associated air handling equipment and electrical switchgear to service the station facilities. Five new boilers were installed along with heat exchangers in a newly constructed boiler room.
  • All interior finishes consisting of glass storefront walls for tenant spaces, architectural aluminum wave ceiling system, terrazzo flooring, above ceiling indirect lighting, LED lighting and stainless steel wall panels & column covers were furnished and installed as part of the contract.
  • A fire suppression sprinkler system was installed in the new and renovated portions of the station along with all existing areas of the station.